Saturday, July 2, 2011

#607 - half the year is almost over

Yep, today at noon we mark the first half of the year being over.  Where did it go!!!

Here's the good news, I was looking through our new years resolutions last night as I was finishing up our Christmas 2010 mini book (yep, little late on that one) and we have most our goals accomplished.

Oster - potty train - DONE - thanks to my mom and dad

Parker - learn to walk - DONE

Pepe - no fast food - I think he went for the first 2 months w/o fast food - pretty good, and he's better about staying away from it.

Me - make our house a home - getting there - kitchen is almost done - this was a HUGE project for me

Me - lose 30 lbs (ugh the baby weight) - lost 18 so far

I have some new goals for the 2nd half of the year that I'll share with you later today.

Happy Half Year!!!

ice cream pic by me...i LOVE ice cream! - doesn't help with that one "lose weight" goal


Maritime Girl said...

You are amazing. Good job on all the accomplishments Joni. Keep it up. Love your family.

Anonymous said...

i have to second what mom said. wtg! and btw congrats on the weight are more than half way and nice pic. i want to pin

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