Friday, September 10, 2010

#489 - busy baby feet

Life is flying by so fast...




When did my newborn become a 3.5 month old?!

When did Oster learn to finally get out of his crib?!

Where did the summer go?! 

Come back!

This summer:

I was hoping to get a whole bunch of bills organized and scheduled...I didn't (I just have a huge stack of papers moving around our living room)

I was hoping to finish a few of the 5-6 wedding videos I've shot...I didn't (I'm almost done with 2)

I was hoping to lose some baby weight...I didn't really (I was down 10 lbs, then gained 8 lbs back)

I was hoping to hang up some pictures...nope, didn't happen...still bare walls

I was hoping to sew some baby blankets...nada...fall project now!

But you know what I did do:

Started making lunches for Pepe to take to work and make dinner most days of the week (huge accomplishment for me)

Talked with my mom and sister almost daily (love it!)

And most important...Loved my baby boys (and my one big boy)...just enjoyed them...gave them lots of kisses and love!


Anonymous said...

are those parker's feet? so cute. it has been great talking to you too. love, cd

Jenn @ My Not So Glamorous Life said...

Good for you!!!

When you are 80 years old and you look back in your memory... you will NEVER say "Gee, I wish I would have organized more and held my babies less..."

Live for today!

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