Wednesday, June 30, 2010

#445 - little things

"Everyone tries to accomplish something big, not realizing that life is made up of many little things."
-Frank A. Clark

I've heard that optimistic people don't necessarily have that much more good in their lives as those that are not optimistic, it is just that optimistic people try to enjoy and relish in the good times and realize that there is a lot of real life that happens in between.  

Did that make sense?  I hope you understand what I'm trying to say...

Anyway, here are a few of the "little things" that are making me happy and smile right now:

~Oster singing his ABCs to me over the phone while I was trying to talk with Pepe
~Baby noises...the cooing, the squeaks when nursing, the "trying to make a laugh sound", even the gas sounds
~Playing "copy cat" with Oster
~Not getting nervous or knots in my stomach when I had to make a difficult phone call
~Oster going down to bed 2 nights in a row without a huge meltdown
~Oster quietly reading his book in bed in the morning so I can have a little extra time with baby Parker
~Oster's big grin
~getting mail from my sister
~getting a load of laundry done and actually putting it away (this is actually a "big thing")
~depositing checks in the bank
~leftover pizza
~sending checks by "bill pay"'s free!
~Oster and Parker holding hands!

What "little things" make up your life right now?


Jenn @ My Not So Glamorous Life said...

I love the little things!!!

~Enjoying an ice cream cone out front of the ice cream shop yesterday with my two boys.

~The peace and calm that comes with early mornings.

~My husband buying me an anniversary card ahead of time instead of THE DAY OF our anniversary.

~Also, craigslist.

~The smell of a good candle.

And my list goes on and on and on!!!

tvmom said... your list! Ice cream with the boys...definitely one of the little things that is so wonderful!

Maritime Girl said...

I love reading blogs from my kids.
Love sewing
Love my special kids and seeing them be awesome parents and grown ups.
Love crawling into bed each nite especially when the sheets are clean
Love when I hear that my kids are coming home and bringing the grandkids.
Love sitting on the couch and holding hands with Tommy.
Love eating ginger snaps with milk plus BBq potato chips (Lays)
Love reading old letters from my mom.

Maritime Girl said...

Love your blog

Patrick and McCall said...

Its the little things that maybe make me the happiest!! I try to make a list once a week of the 10 things that have made me the most happy lately, here are a few

-Feeling my unborn child move

-Grass between my toes

-The smell of wet concrete

-Only having to use a sheet to cover up with at night

-Hearing the kids I nanny tell me "wuv wu nanna"

I enjoy your blog thanks for pointing out the little things!

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