Friday, July 2, 2010

#446 - cool band-aids

l-r: pickle bandaids, ouchie bandaids, crime scene bandaids, bacon bandaids, cupcake bandaids, scar bandaids

Oster got 3 band-aids at the doctor this week (combination of shots and tests).  Ugh!  He had a hard time and I had an even harder time trying to comfort him...poor mama likes to see her baby in pain.

Anyway, I think the experience may have been a touch better with really cool band-aids.

Like any of the band-aids above.

Personally I think the "crime scene band-aids" were most appropriate, but Oster would have liked the bacon or pickle ones.

all images via google images


Unknown said...

I love cool band-aids. I always usually make it a point to buy the fun kid ones but sometimes they don't always work the best!

Anonymous said...

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