Monday, July 19, 2010

#456 - busy weekend

trip to the DMV....after an 1 1/2 wait (which included one trip out to the car to nurse the babe)...denied (ugh!)

trip to Home Depot, so Pepe could make our deck (finally) usable

trip to Costco...stocked up on all the coupon items, deck chairs and vitamuffins (but really wanted to stock up on ice cream bars)

mowed the lawn (well, Pepe mowed most of it, but I was using the push mower so I got more exercise)

church, but spent most the time nursing or walking around wearing the Moby Wrap (Parker in tow)

made banana pudding (pictured above) (more on this later)

halfway cleaned Oster's room

and had an awesome cousin birthday party...(more on this later)

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