Sunday, June 20, 2010

#435 - Happy Father's Day Pepe!

Happy Father's Day Pepe!  You are such a great dad to Oster and Parker...we love you so much!

Here's some of the list Oster dictated to me about his dad:
"I like to ride daddy bike, it's too big"
"I like to eat with daddy"
"I like to watch the A-Team with daddy" (they really do watch this a lot, and Oster doesn't like any other tv.)
"I wanna go on a picnic with daddy after my nap"
"Daddy's at work.  Dad's a workin"
"I like rish raw roug" - what?  I think Oster just started making things up at this point.

I'm making chocolate croissants, Fruity Pebbles, sausage, eggs and maybe a Pop Tart for breakfast.  I know, healthy, right?  What are your plans?

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