Thursday, June 17, 2010

#432 - Some thoughts on the new baby...and a name

i can't believe he is almost 3 weeks old...has it really been that long?
finally gained back his birth weight and then some
is over an inch taller
sleeps a lot, but eats even more
smells so good, especially after his umbilical cord fell off
has darker hair, but it is coming in blond at the front of his head
looks more and more like Oster (nose = me, ears = me & a little Pepe)
smiles when I clap his hands together and has even let out a little laugh
probably has had thousands of kisses from Pepe, Oster and me...we love him

And just wanted to let you know that Baby #2 is going to go by "Parker" on this blog (that was his runner up name).


Maritime Girl said...

I look forward to holding Parker and giving him lots of kisses from Gma.

AnnaM said...

He is so adorable!!!

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

So sweet!

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