Friday, June 18, 2010

#433 - contraction timer

I used a contraction timer for Parker's (aka Baby #2) and I'm glad I did. It's fun to look back and see how it all played out, cause it's crazy how fast you can forget the details. Hope this isn't too personal to be sharing...

I started having constant contractions at 3:30am, every 20-30 minutes.
They weren't super painful (at first), but annoying, so Pepe whipped out his ipod to keep me distracted during my contractions.

9:5oam - started timing
3:17pm - 4:30pm - there is a break in my timing them because the midwife was checking me...I'm already 5-6 cm dialated
5:43pm (i think) - midwife checks me and I am 7cm, I get in the tub (maybe I got in the tub earlier than this, I don't really remember)...Pepe starts timing the contractions for me
6:13 & 6:32pm - contractions are further apart...these seem to be more painful...

Pepe started having me rate the pain (from 1-10):
6:24pm - 7
6:26 - 7
6:28 - 8
6:32 - 8.5
6:33 - 7
6:35 - 8.5
6:38 - 9
6:40 - 7
6:42 - 9.5
6:44 - 8

6:46, 6:48, 6:50 or 6:52pm - during one of these contractions my water breaks. (I think it was 6:46 or 6:48 because Pepe stopped rating my contractions.)

Then...I pretty much have one constant contraction (I would rate that pain at a 20 on a scale of 1-10) until Parker is born at 7:01pm.
click on this to see it larger
In total, I'm guessing I had about 132 contractions
(plus the really painful one that lasted for 7 minutes of pushing, I'm sure it was multiple contractions, but I felt like it was just a long one that might never end)

from 3:30am until 7:01pm.

The key to get through it (at least for me), was to take one contraction at a time and realize that each one was getting me closer to finally having the baby!

OK, that probably was way too much info...


Unknown said...

:) I used the same App for the birth of my son, I loooooved it. It made all the difference to me to be able to concentrate on my body and not on how long each contraction was. Glad I'm not the only one!

Brandon and Lindsay said...

I'm not sure I'd want to remember that part. I was always pretty happy when it was over and I could try to forget the whole unpleasant part (I guess I'm a woos (sp?)).

Anyway, that new little guy is one cute baby! I can't believe how big Oster is already too. It really has been too long since we've seen you guys!

tvmom said...

Jenna...totally agree!

Lindsay...we need to visit...I think our boys would have a blast together!

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