Wednesday, June 2, 2010

#420 - he's here!

some thoughts on this new baby's entrance to the world...
i was much more relaxed this time around and it made a world of difference
Pepe was cleaning the house while i was having contractions
i didn't want to stop a good thing

by the time we arrived to the hospital i was already 5-6 cm
3 hours later my water broke (weird feeling)
5 minutes later i was pushing
6 minutes later he was born

COOLEST FEELING EVER - new baby being placed on my stomach
that "thing" i felt moving around inside...was "a baby" moving around on the outside

he came so fast that they pulled some random nurse in from the hall to help
while pushing the midwife told me to let go of my husband because i was hurting him
we didn't get to take any pictures until a few minutes after he was born because we didn't know he'd be here so fast!

he's almost 3 pounds heavier than Oster
1 inch shorter
4 days overdue
much more relaxed

we are in love with our new little guy...

pictures coming soon...


{Erica} said...

congrats on the new little one. It IS a cool feeling isn't it?

laughed at your colace and tucks pads pic...hahaha!

Kristi said...

congrats. We can't wait to see the pictures. I agree that it is a great, natural high that you get after habving a baby.

There is also something about second children that they know they are suppose to be the chilled out child.

Jenn @ My Not So Glamorous Life said...

I love a good birth story :)

mabeybowman said...

Thanks for sharing the story and the timing. I'm always so interested in hearing about the timing. I guess I'm always hoping to shave off some time with each new birth. No need to drag that kind of pain out, eh? Ah you are a goddess doing it so well and so fast. Sounds like it was amazing! And I'm right there with you on loving that feeling of the wet wriggly little baby being handed to you and just that feeling of awe. Congratulations!!

tvmom said...

Thanks everyone!

Love brand new wiggly babies!

And glad it went by need for extended pain :)

The Wi Family said...

Congratulations!!! Love hearing birth stories :) I'm starting to get nervous as #3 is due pretty soon--trying for the VBAC this time and natural again like with the first.... any tips???

tvmom said...

Kris - so excited for you to have #3! If you've done it natural once, it'll be so much easier this time around (at least I think.) The only reason it was natural for me is b/c the baby came so fast. I had Pepe time my contrations on the ipod...that distracted me and i also tried to breath "over" the contractions - bradley method...oh, and I also labored in a tub...super helpful! you totally rock for trying it natural!

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