Thursday, April 29, 2010

#388 - Baby O stuff

picture taken at a weird angle b/c it is hard for me to bend down, but perfect for my blog :)

Baby O is growing so fast, so just want to document 9 more things he says/sings/does:

`says "a bug" or "ewwh, that's a bug" - he loves to find bugs so that Pepe will zap them with this
`says "baska hoop" - he's trying to say basketball hoop which he calls any type of ball (football, baseball, basketball, tennis ball)
`says "i wanna go outside" - it could be 9pm at night, but he still wants to go outside to ride his bike and play with his shovel

~sings "Farmer Takes a Wife" over and over (he's singing Farmer in the Dell)
~sings the Elmo/India Arie version of "ABC's"
~sings "Twinkle, Twinkle" and his new favorite "Happy Birthday" a lot!

+loves to wear hats...especially the one he's wearing in the picture (it's from my work)
+loves pineapple, strawberries, cheese, chicken and "cake" (ie: anything sweet)
+loves to be cuddled up next to someone when he sleeps...just the other morning I woke up to him tickling (softly) my neck...too cute!

His favorite and only adjective he uses, "GREEN". (ie: what color is that? what shape is that? what type is that?...)

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