Tuesday, February 23, 2010

#330 - Alphabet "Boy" Card

I got this adorable card in the mail from my mom. I think it was used for my cousin Lizzy's baby shower. I just love how it spells out "boy"...you couldn't do that with the word, "girl".
When I first opened it, I thought just the letter, "o" was in blue for "Baby O", but I was pleasantly surprised when it spelled out "boy".
I can't wait to frame it in Baby O's room. It will be perfect for him and his new little brother coming soon.
And this card was brought to you by "prune orchard press"...my Aunt Sue's letterpress.


Jennifer Miller said...

I didn't know you were having another baby. Congrats! And another boy! That will be too fun! get ready for everything to become a knife or a gun....BOY's

tvmom said...

Thanks Jennifer!

Maritime Girl said...

i'm glad you liked the card and it would be cute framed and hanging in the nursery.

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