Friday, February 12, 2010

#321 - Snowpocalypse 2010

Some thoughts from the past week of the East Coast Snowpocalypse (very've been warned)

I really want to be a stay at home mom. (see #3 pictured above)

I'd rather be stuck in a snow storm with electricity versus with no power and a way to get out.

I wish we had underground power lines (less outages and it would look nicer.) (see #2 - taken saturday morning)

I don't watch a lot of tv (surprise!) but I really missed it when we didn't have power. (see #1)

I think I missed the internet more, though.

By 7pm, I thought it was midnight and I should be sleeping.

I really like to be out in the snow (even if it is windy and cold) while it is snowing, especially at night.

Glad I still have my jacket from the 2002 Winter Olympics - can't wait for the 2010 Olympics to start...has it really been that long? (see here, my mom is wearing it)

Baby O had to drag me inside the house because I wanted to stay out in the snow.

I really like a warm house after I've been out in the cold. (see #5)

Glad we bought a wood stove this year (thanks Pepe!) (see #5)

Trader Joe's vanilla ice cream is still good after 2 days of no power. I threw out the rest of our ice cream.

Glad I didn't have to shovel (thanks dad, Pepe and O.) (see #4)

Baby O is obsessed with his shovel, he asks for it every morning. (see #3)

Glad I got Baby O an orange coat. (see #3) It's easy to spot him and adds a splash of color to the drab winter colors.

I love Baby O's laugh.

He's talking a lot more now.

I think Pepe is going crazy being stuck.

When we finally got out, we went to Costco and just sat on their couches.

I like it better when we weren't plowed out because people don't drive by our house. (see #6)

Our recycling is getting out of control...can't wait for the recycle truck to come.

We used up 1/2 our Ikea tea lights we've been carting around with us since we got married.

If I have to work, I really like working from home. (see first random thought above)

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