Thursday, February 11, 2010

#320 - Power

What do you do when you have no electricity for 2 days and you can't get out of your house because of a wild snow storm? You come up with clever things to cook over the wood stove.

Here's a few things we cooked:

scrambled eggs with cream cheese (pictured above)
toast (also pictured above)
grilled cheese
hot dogs - so good, i had 2, but could have eaten more
peach cobbler - also delicious
taco soup - well, we just warmed this up, but it was good (I'll have to share this recipe sometime)

Did I miss anything mom?

Being without electricity for 2 days, makes me so grateful to have it now.

1 comment:

Maritime Girl said...

I think you got it all. Good grub considering we had no power. Thank goodness for the wood stove. Thanks P for keeping us supplied with wood.

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