Sunday, May 10, 2009

#148 - Free Mother's Day Flowers

As we were driving around yesterday, we saw all sorts of people/stands selling flowers. We then drove by one corner, and there was a little girl with a bucket of flowers (picked from a bush next to her house). We turned around, we had to buy flowers from her. I'm a big supporter of kid entrepreneurs. As a kid I sold apples in front of our house and not one person stopped to buy one. I then started selling candy, that's where the money was. Back to my story >>>

As we pulled up, we noticed the sign said, "Free Flowers Happy Mother's Day".

Me (double checking I wasn't going blind), "How much are they?"

Little girl, "They're free, which color do you want?"

Me, "Either, you pick."

Little girl, "How 'bout both?"

As she handed me the flowers, I said, "Can I pay you anyway?"

She said, "Sure".

What a smart business woman!


Brandon and Lindsay said...

How sweet! Nice of you to offer to pay, though! It is hard to turn down kids selling anything!

Miss Amanda said...

ha thats sooo cute!!..

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