Friday, January 13, 2012

#635 - Before and After - Kids' Bedroom

I love before and after photos of homes.  So, I thought I would share some of our home.

BEFORE (below and above) - green paneling, green striped wall paper, low curtains, dark green light

AFTER (below)  - wall paper gone (there was 4 layers), grey walls with hand painted letters/numbers (one day this will be painted over in grey), white light, crown molding, tall baseboard, honeycomb blinds

 BEFORE (below)

 AFTER (below) - notice the chalkboard painted on the wall and we moved our wall unit a/c to the window that doesn't get any direct sunlight and secured it with a board (were saving for central a/c)

Before (below) - green wall paneling, mirrored tiles that went around their dresser, pink closet, with 1 hanging rod
After - grey & white walls, crown molding, tall baseboard, white closet with a closet organizer (thanks dad!)

I have this last picture as my desktop picture on my computer.  Not because it is the most amazing transformation, but for 2 important reasons.

1.  It is clean - and it feels so good when it is clean.  99% of the time it is messy!

2.  I love this area of the house.  It is where I get to cuddle with my boys after they have taken a bath, put on their jammies  and gotten ready for bed.  We read many stories here, talk about our days playing, crafting, baking, eating, playing, watching spiderman, etc.  It is a good place!

grey semi-gloss paint "oops" paint from Home Depot - $5
wall paper removal supplies - $10 (plus lots of help from our friends - thanks!)
crown molding/base board - $300 (this is a guess because it has been a while)
glossy white paint (for trim) - $15 (but we've used this on all our rooms)
chalk board paint - $12 (but we've used this in our kitchen too)
light - $25
closet organizer - $150 (guess again)


Bardsleyland said...

Wow, we had those exact mirrors with the same paneling in our living room growing up! So awesome!

Looks great now!

Anonymous said...

i love it tv mom. all of the transformations look great!!!!!! cd

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