Monday, August 31, 2009

#210 - Babysitter Blues

Last night we had a campfire (it's getting cold here, is that even possible for August?) and Pepe broke out the guitar. Here's the playlist for the evening:

This Land is Your Land - yeah, these words are hard to remember
Country Roads by John Denver - classic
Babysitter Blues - remember from Adventures in Babysitting (one of the greatest movies of all time)?

The Babysitter Blues went something like this (yes, I was the only one singing this and I'm sure our neighbors thought I was crazy):

Da da da da da, I've got the blues
Da da da da da, The baby sitter blues
Da da da da da, Don't leave us Kar
Da da da da da, Baby O's gonna miss you
Da da da da da, I've got the "don't leave us, Baby O gonna miss us, babysitter blues"

Yes, it's true, we're singing the babysitter blues because my sister is leaving this week. She's been such a great nanny to Baby O . . . we're going to miss her.


Maritime Girl said...

That is way funny! Love the words and you should be a songwriter! Wish I was at the campfire.

tvmom said...

wish you were there too!

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

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