Tuesday, August 25, 2009

#207 - Our kids

So, if Pepe and I ever decide to have more kids, here's what they may look like. I think Baby O looks most like the middle kid (even with his funky closed eyes), what do you think?

make your own kids here. - POST EDIT - LINK IS BROKEN :(

ps, not sure how Pepe and I could make a redheaded baby???


Anonymous said...

def. the middle one looks like o. u never know you might have a red head. i mean you got a blonde boy. is the one on the left a baby girl? thanks for reading our blog. cmd

Maritime Girl said...

I think the middle one looks most likely.

Anonymous said...

uh, maybe u shouldn't have any more children. just a thought. jk.cmd

Anonymous said...

ps what i said was a total joke i hope you know.

tvmom said...

i thought the same thing...and i'm not joking :) You are too funny!

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