Monday, December 22, 2008

#52 - Why You Should Welcome Trouble

I got this quote from my boss (Marly) a few years ago. She always told me to be glad that there were problems with our shows because it kept us busy. Here's the quote:

Why You Should Welcome Trouble

"You ought to be glad for the troubles on your job because they provide about half your income. If it were not for the things that go wrong, the difficult people with whom you deal, and the problems of your working day, someone could be found to handle your job for half of what you are being paid. So start looking for more troubles. Learn to handle them cheerfully and with good judgment, as opportunities rather than irritations, and you will find yourself getting ahead at a surprising rate. For there are plenty of big jobs waiting for people who are not afraid of troubles."

-Robert Updegraff


Trent said...

Followed a link on FB to your blog. A few random clicks led me here. I really, really like this quote and think that the benefits of welcoming trouble extend far beyond just job security and salary. There's a certain satisfaction that one gets after tackling the Mt. Everest (or at least a 14'er) of your profession and doing it well that can't be found elsewhere.
Anyway, from the looks of things it seems you and your family are happy and well. I'm glad you were able to follow your dreams. When I think of you, I always remember getting pulled over going way too fast on the way to Salt Lake :)

tvmom said...

Trent thanks for visiting my blog! So true what you say about the satisfaction that you get when you do something challenging!

Sorry that your memory of me is getting pulled over.... :) I forgot that until I just read this!

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