Thursday, December 4, 2008

#35 - Candles in the Windows - dual purpose

Grant, Candle, Pepe (who doesn't like photos, so I croped him), Banana Cream Pie
I'm such a fan of candles in the windows of homes during the cold winter months. My mom did this at home when I was younger and it made me feel cozy in our cold freezing house. My dad likes to keep the temp at a nice 55 degrees (that's inside the house, not outside) during the winter months, which are quite long where they live.

Since we just moved, I just unpacked our candles. Only one has a functioning blub, although I must say the other 5 did last for the past 3 years. For Pepe's birthday I couldn't find any candles (they are packed in a box somewhere), so we used our only working candle to put atop his birthday cake. (He didn't have a cake, nor did we put it on top of anything, that would have been messy, but you get the idea.) We sang him Happy Birthday and then he blew out his candle (which consisted of our friend Grant turning clicking off the light).

You might want to keep this in mind for your next Birthday Party. One click of the switch, the candle always blows out and no spit on the cake. Oh, and they also look good in the windows afterwards.

*Talked with my dad tonight (12/7/08) and he claims he keeps the house at 65 degrees.  I still think he kept it at 55 growing up :)

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