Friday, October 31, 2008

#6 - Halloween Candy

Here are my favorite Halloween Candies:

Candy Corn (and pumpkins) - Pepe's favorite

Now and Laters - i loved these when i was prego with O

Butterfinger - my sister's favorite

Whoppers - another of my sister's favorite

Baby Ruth - love the carmel
McDonald's Ice Cream Coupons - do they still do that?

Twix - i love the cookie part

"Break Me off a Piece of that Fancy Freast" -Andy from the Office

Snickers - doesn't this count as a full meal?

What's your fav?


Maritime Girl said...

Love the Almond Joys. Mom

Kristi said...

Yes they still have the McDonalds ice cream coupons. The girls each got one from doing the Summer Reading Program. I personally love twix but I eat it by the layer. Caramel then the cookie.

Kim said...

Candy Corns are my fave too! I'm glad you got on the blog bandwagon!

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