Tuesday, December 11, 2012

#654 - gifts from Oster

 I'm not the best at getting my Oster to bed early, so he'll stay up late with me working on stuff.  In the picture above he decided that he wanted to send his cousin some stuff, so he packed up a shoe box with anything he could find that would fit.  He said, "the more I give away, the more Santa will bring me."  He's slowly starting to get it.
Then tonight he wanted to do a craft for "his cousin".  He kept asking me to tear off tape for him.  And I was starting to get a little annoyed by how many pieces he wanted.  Then he said that he actually made this bracelet / necklace for me.  He was so proud (and so was I.)  It reminded me of this talk below from the LDS Christmas Devotional.

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BTM said...

This is the cutest thing! What a sweet boy!!

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