Tuesday, December 18, 2012

#657 - handprint calendar 2013

I've been wanting to do a handprint calendar with my boys for a while and I finally got up the courage/energy to do it!  I've been pinning ideas for a while and this past week, I spent a few days getting the boys hands and feet messy to make this happen.

We celebrated Christmas this past weekend with my parents, so my mom already got to open her hand print calendar, I think she loved it.

I let the boys choose (from a couple of ideas) the hand print or foot print they wanted to do, so it was fun for all.

We did (see pics above):

January - penguins.  You could also do snowflakes, fireworks, snowman or 3 kings for this month.
February - hearts.
March - four leaf clover and leprechaun.
April - Oster wanted to do a bird (the kingfisher) and then write his name.  You could also do an umbrella, rain drops, Easter eggs (although Easter is in March this coming year).
May - flowers.  You could do a flower pot, butterfly or caterpillar.
June - rainbow fish.  You could do any type of fish or some kind of beach thing.
July - crab and sunshine.  You could do fireworks or a flag.
August - bees and sunshine.  You could also do more beachy things or a back to school theme.
September - tree with leaves turning/falling and a birthday cake (since it is the month of my mom's birthday). You could also do a back to school theme.
October - candy corn and spider.  A pumpkin or bat would be cool too.
November - turkey and pumpkin pie.  Any Thanksgiving thing would work (corn, etc.)
December - Christmas tree with presents and Santa.  You could also do Christmas lights or a Baby Jesus.
I used this free calendar template (I had to squish it to make it work for an 8 1/2 by 11 format) for my months and has the calendar bound at Staples. (here's another 2013 free calendar download that looks hip/cute)

It's not a fast project, but the end result was way cool!  Here's another mom's thoughts on making these calendars.
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