Wednesday, August 31, 2011

#628 - scenes from Hurricane Irene

We bought an almost 30 pound watermelon.  That's larger than my 15 month old and only a few pounds from my 3 year old.

We bought 3 cases of water and 36 rolls of toilet paper (we actually ran out of tp they day of the hurricane.)

Pepe and Oster braving the storm...Oster wanted to wear his winter jacket.
We lost our power for 25 hours, but no damage really.  My garden was a bit blown over.  
Yes, I know my garden looks like it's a late bloomer, but I planted in in July, so it's about 2-3 months behind most.  
Do you see the pumpkin growing?!  
Ok, it's really hard to spot, but it is in the lower right corner next to that yellow flower.
Hope you are all well and safe!  

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Maritime Girl said...

I am glad you were safe too.

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