Tuesday, August 2, 2011

#619 - which shoes?

I just bought 3 pairs of dress shoes, but I really only need 1 pair.  
(I want all 3, but don't have the space/I feel guilty having too many shoes) 

Which do you like best?

1st pair - wool and patent leather gray flats from Wally World ($15)
2nd pair - black wedges from Target ($12.48 on sale)
3rd pair - black patent leather ballet flats ($12 on sale) - i think i like the red flats the best

And here are the obligatory "me wearing the shoes (with the tags still on) shots":

my thoughts:
comfort - gray #1, ballet flats #2, wedges #3
cuteness - wedges #1, gray #2, ballet #3
gray pros - a new color for me, comfy, flat
gray cons - dull (i think) and look like cold weather shoes
wedges pros - cute, make me tall
wedges cons - not sure if i'll get blisters, i'm taller than Pepe in them, my pointer toe is longer than my big toe :)
ballet pros - flat, comfy, shiny (would love the red ones!)
ballet cons - not sturdy, not the cutest

Now, if you are still reading this (are you?), let me know what you think.


Jennifer said...

They are all cute. If it was me, I would keep them all because they would be good with different outfits. But if I had to choose one it would be the wedges. I have it in red and love them.

tvmom said...

Thanks Jennifer...i want to see your red wedges!

Anonymous said...

yeah, i am going to say the wedges. they are the cutest. ballet flats would be last. too plain. but that is just me. cd

Brandon and Lindsay said...

a toss up between the wedges and the grey flats, I think. Maybe keep them both... :)

Maritime Girl said...

Definitely the wedges.

Maritime Girl said...

Get David some elevator shoes and the problem will be solved!

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