Friday, March 25, 2011

#564 - grandma jerry and her 28 grandkids

This is my grandma Jerry.
She's a wonderful grandma!
She's fun to talk to and has a lot of spunk!
She also has exactly 28 grandkids (I'm grandkid #4).
So, for the month of February, each grandkid took a day and called her (some of us called a little later than our designated day).

She LOVED it!
And I think all of us grandkids had a great time talking to her!

I hope that we make this a yearly tradition.

Thanks to all my cousins for making this happen.  I think only one grandkid didn't call...not too shabby. 

And, if you get a chance, give your grandma/grandpa a call won't regret it!


Anonymous said...

that was so fun talking to gma jerry. loved it. cd

Lauren said...

I really loved doing this! We should definitely make this a tradition.

Brandon and Lindsay said...

this was such a fun idea! I loved doing it - thanks for thinking up such a great plan! I agree it should be a tradition, and I think we should maybe all try to call her on her birthday this year. Those of us who live near usually get together for lunch with her, but it would be so fun to get a card or a call from all teh grandkids!

Mothership said...

I love this idea and I'm totally stealing it! My Grandma doesn't have quite that many, but she does have several older great-grands that could fill in the blank places.

I love your Grandma too, by the way.

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