Wednesday, February 2, 2011

#550 - Spirit of the Marathon

I'm not a runner.
I'm a jogger/walker (sometimes).

LOVED this movie.
I've never wanted to run a marathon before, but after watching this, I may have changed my mind (maybe).

It's on Netflix and should check it out.

Great music too!


Amber said...

I'm not a jogger, but I've been wanting to start (once the snow clears away!) I'll definitely have to check this out!

tvmom said...

thanks for stopping by Sofi...let me know what u think of the movie!

Fronica said...

ooh I'm so excited to watch this. Have to figure out how to see it out here. Thanks for this, can't wait :) I hope it motivates me too.

Kim said...

We enjoyed this movie too! You should run a marathon and you could completely do it! We would cheer you on!

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