Monday, November 23, 2009

#259 - he likes them

This past summer a traveling sales woman came to my house and asked me if my son liked books (cause every kid likes books, right?) Well, I honestly told her that he likes to rip them up, but doesn't like me to read to him. She lost her whole sales pitch with me.

Now, Baby O loves books. He can't stop looking at them and/or having Pepe/me read them to him. He loves them so much he falls asleep hugging them.

His favorite books currently:
Elmo's Blanket
Pop up book about trucks
Big Book of Questions & Answers - Farm Animals (pictured above)
A book about all sorts of animals
Dinosaurs Clean Their Rooms


Anonymous said...

so cute. i think i see him drooling on the book. precious. cmd

Maritime Girl said...

oh, we are waiting to read to him. anxious to see him.

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