Tuesday, November 17, 2009

#253 - Arugula on Pizza

For my birthday we went to 2 Amy's. Mixed reviews from the family (a bit expensive), but the arugula on top of my fire roasted pizza was delicious. I love the peppery taste.
If you do go to 2 Amy's, you should get the Supplì al telefono (fritters - rice balls with a meat/cheese).


Anonymous said...

I have wanted to go there for a couple of years now! What was your overall review? The food looks good. Have you ever been to Isabella's in Baltimore? If so compare :) The photos look great!


tvmom said...

Hey Cathy,
I've never been to Isbella's...I'll have to try it.

I loved 2 Amy's the first time I went because we all ordered different things and shared. It reminds me of eating pizza in Argentina (good stuff).

But, when we went with my family, we all ordered sort of the same stuff and were sort of hungry afterwards. Plus, it was expensive.

You should try it at least once...fun atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

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