Sunday, March 22, 2009

#115 - 2 Hats

My Saturday started and ended with a hat.I went to Toys R' Us with Baby O (Pepe was doing his homework). Look what I found in the clearance section? I was too cheap to buy it (and really you can't wear a St. Patty's hat year round), so I snapped a pic in the store. (I have a thing for making Baby O try on hats in stores.)
I took a pic of him in this jeep, because maybe looking back on his life he'll think we really got him this toy. We are such great parents :) If you don't tell, I won't (wink, wink.)
Then we headed over to Costco to meet up with my in-laws. We got hotdogs and buns for a cookout.We had Hebrew Nationals (not sure if HN's or Nathan's are the best?) Which do you like? My niece is sportin her mom's glasses to keep the smoke out of her eyes (smart cookie).
My nephew made a yummy s'more, a minature Crunch bar split in half with a roasted marshmallow in the center (another smart cookie.)
At the end of the day, Pepe had to drop off a gift at a wedding reception (I stayed home with Baby O). He had to whip out his cowboy hat for this event.

My boys (Pepe would want me to call him a man) sure look great in hats.

(then I made these and had to give them away because they were so yummy.)

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MAB said...

Gotta love Costco dogs!

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