Sunday, March 15, 2009

#110 - Haircut - or is it hairs cut?


Pepe gets his hair cut a only couple times a year (to save time and money).

When we were first married we bought hair clippers to save money. One cut later, he vowed to never let me cut his hair again. It wasn't that bad. But I digress.

This weekend, we went out as a family for this semi-annual event.

It was a rainy day.

We (Baby O and I) dropped Pepe off at the barber shop and headed of to H&M. I made Baby O try on this hat below . . . I'm sure the workers were thinking, "who is this crazy lady taking pictures in here . . . just buy the hat for crying out loud." (I'm waiting for the sale, isn't it cute?)We went back and picked up Pepe sporting his new, shorter cut.
(I like it, but I miss his longer hair.) after

We then went to the wig shop, so Baby O didn't feel left out (hair wise.)
Pepe wanted to celebrate (are you supposed to celebrate haircuts?) with a soft serve from DQ.(sorry we ate them before I could get a good pic)
Which one do you think it mine & which one is Pepe's? And which one did Baby O see and start screaming because he wanted one too?

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Maritime Girl said...

Nice hair. Loved your little story. David's hair looks good long or short!

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