Thursday, February 26, 2009

#99 - 2 teeth, missing teeth and no braces

Baby O has two teeth (since 12/31/08)

nephews and nieces are losing teeth at an alarming rate

Pepe finally got his braces off and his teeth look amazing!
(and don't tell him i posted this, long story about why one tooth is darker (it involves a baseball bat))


Anonymous said...

Yeah Pepe! Congrats on getting off the braces. I can't wait to see them at the wedding. And also little Baby's O's teeth! Babies with teeth are so cute!

Maritime Girl said...

Good for Pepe. Give that man some chewy popcorn and O's little teeth are so cute.

m2d said...

yeah for p. tell him congrats on no braces. i bet it feels awesome.

Kim said...

Yay Pepe! Your teeth look totally awesome! I remember the baseball bat story all too well.

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