Tuesday, January 27, 2009

#70 - Ice Cream 2 Ways

Real or fake, love them both. Love this.

ps, i wouldn't let my Baby O eat ice cream yet, but I wasn't there to stop this from happening. Oh well, it makes for a cute photo.


Maritime Girl said...

so cute. I like both kinds of ice cream too.

Kreller Kaboodle said...

Your baby is ever so cute! Even if he is eating Ice cream this early, lol! You are such a cute mom Joni! Oh yeah....tell Casi i'm sad that I can't see her blog....I'd love to keep in touch with her.....maybe she turned anti Elani, lol! but anyways, I totally LOVE all your posts! You are so cute!

m2d said...

oh, if only o lived closer. when i babysat he would eat the best food.

Kim said...

He looks sooo happy! Yum! He just had to taste Lic's too, since it's simply the best.

tvmom said...

Kim - true, Lics is pretty good.

Elani - no Casi isn't anti you, she loves you

Cas - add Elani, and you are never babysitting my kids - jk :)

mil07032 said...

I miss you baby o

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