Friday, September 9, 2011

#630 - 9/11 exhibit @ the American History Smithsonian in DC

For all of you that can't make it to this 9/11 exhibit in DC, I wanted to give you a peak.  Be prepared for a picture overload.
 airplane parts, seatbeat, window shade, flight attendant button (Shanksville, Pa site)
 water cooler, announce booklet, logbook, United Air flight handbook (Shanksville, Pa)

 a can of burnt money, melted metals, a clock that feel off the wall at the exact time the plane hit the pentagon (Pentagon)
 phone, badge, uniform, m&m dispenser from someone's desk (Pentagon)
 airplane window, beeper, cell phone, doll (twin towers)
 fireman tools, a briefcase, badge, camera that took the first video of the plane flying into the World Trade Center (twin towers)
 Oster writing his thoughts
 Where were you on 9/11/01?  
I had just woken up and was trying to find our phone (back in the day we didn't have cell phones) so I push the button to make the phone beep (does that make sense) and my roommate Mel came in the front door (she had the phone and was at our neighbors watching the twin towers on tv) and she told me.  We didn't own a tv, so we went next door to our neighbors to watch it all unfold. 
 At the exhibit, you can write down your memories of 9/11 and pin them to the wall. 
 This is my friend Rachel reading some of the comments. 

I brought both of my boys to the museum and they were wild!  But while we walked through this 9/11 exhibit, they were surprisingly good.  It's almost like they sensed there was a reverence in this area.

Just every day objects, like a clock on the wall, a tin of coins, the airplane window cover, and a cell phone, have now become part of history.

It's weird to think that my boys will never know a world where we don't have to be concerned about terrorism.

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Maritime Girl said...

Thanks for posting these Joni. It made me think back to where I was that terrible day.

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