Sunday, October 11, 2009

#241 - Quiet Book circa late 1970's

My mom made me a quiet book when I was little and I have great memories from it. In fact, all my brothers and sisters used it (I think). Any way, my mom sent it to Baby O and he loves it. His favorite is the ladybug zipper.
If you want to make a quiet book, there's some cute ideas here, here, here, here, and here.

Thanks Mom!


Maritime Girl said...

I only had time to make one book. After the kids came that was the end of that. I'm glad that O is enjoying the book.

Anonymous said...

Loved the quiet book!

AnnaM said...

I had one of those when I was little too... I wonder what happened to it. I also wonder if J would actually be quiet in church if I made one... Hm, you think? Does it work for O?

The Wi Family said...

That's so fun! I wish I still had the one my Mom made---I've been thinking about doing one but heard they are soooo time consuming. I'll have to check out your links. Thanks!

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