Thursday, October 8, 2009

#238 - Early Halloween

Baby O got Halloween socks from his Aunt Cathy, and I'm not joking, he brought them to me to put them on. He loved them! They are cute! (he's climbing on water bottles in this picture, so his sock is falling off)
Then we broke out his monkey Halloween costume from last year and he was so fascinated by the feed and tail. I don't think I ever noticed the bottom's of the feet before. Aren't they cute!?


Brandon and Lindsay said...

What a cutie. I love seeing how big he is getting - we still call him 'baby' O at our house, but obviously that label isn't going to work much longer! Loved looking back at all your old posts (I've been AWOL from blogs for a while...) The College advice is good, and I loved seeing karlie's note about the $8. It cracked me up! You guys are hilarious!

Maritime Girl said...

I can see that O would be amazed with the costume. I think I would like one too!

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